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This week’s Stereo Assault Girl goes to “SincerelyBrenee’s” Marshida Harris of University of Missouri-Columbia.

Photos Courtesy of Leo Q. Davis

Who is Marshida Harris?

Marshida is a 21 year old St.Louis Native on the process of discovering her purpose. Marshida is just the name in front of the definition of a Queen exploring her #Queendom in many ways. I am socially stigmatized as a black woman which can mean many things in a societal view but I define myself as an activist, feminist, lover, Hip Hop socialist, friend and God fearing woman.

College / Major / Year

I am currently a Senior attending the University of Missouri (Mizzou) with a double major in Black Studies & Sports Management.

What makes Marshida unique?

What makes me unique is my outlook on life. It’s very interesting being raised by many great women how I have learned each piece of me from them. My great grandmother and grandmother taught me to love God more than you love anyone/thing else. I’ve always found God to be my strong hold. At the end of the day my faith is all I have. I have learned love from my other grandmother. She has been such as strong motivating force in my life and I can always count on her to show me how to love unconditionally. I have learned life from my mother. My mother has shown me everything and has taught me much more. She is my Queen and I will forever be her Princess. All of the women in my family have taught me to be the woman I am today though, of course I have my own experiences but they have shaped me to be Marshida “Brenee’ Harris.

SincerelyBrenee’ is…..

Love. Support and Honest. is my blog. It’s funny because I never knew where I was in my journey of womanhood until I had a course with a revolutionary professor, Dr. Treva Lindsey. (<—love this phenomenal woman). I took this course and realized what it meant to truly empower women. I learned that 1. Women are beautiful and Dangerous. Women have the power to build and to corrupt. Man…women are everything. 2. I learned that too many times we question a woman’s story. We question why, when, how everything instead of valuing her journey and realizing her voice can be a voice of another and we can inspire each other. 3. The women’s movement is just a valid as any other movement and in ways a little more important. Many people do not realize the Civil Rights Movement started as a focus on Women’s rights because the focus always goes straight to other things. 4.What about women? What about the women who where raped and brutalized during slavery, the Civil Rights Movement, Today, Now? What about the women who don’t know where to find resources to help them with their issues? What about the women who find their own personal pleasures in certain things that society is not ready to accept? What about the women who have come from nothing but have built their empire to stand taller than themselves? What about the women that society calls a stereotype but has overcome them at the same time?

I asked myself these questions after this course and decided to start my feminist works and start my #QueendomBuilding letters of Queens and Princesses telling their stories of how they build their #Queendom everyday. I also have other segments such as BeNatural which talks about natural hair & body. Then there is BeYou which enjoys fashion and style from anyone who is willing to submit. Expressing yourself is important. It is important not to assimilate your whole entire life into the Eurocentric world we live in. It is important to have something exclusive to you whether that be your religion, your style, tattoos etc. It all will be featured on this segment. BeHeard focuses more on the social, economic and political issues in the world and allowing people to comment and get their voices heard. Then there is #wordtoyamotha which is my twitter hashtag for quotes to live by.

What are you hobbies and pastimes?

My favorite past time is to burn my incents, clean my room. Ok, let me tell you about cleaning. For me cleaning is a sense of mediation. Meditating is a huge force in my life that keeps me calm and sane with all of the other things I have going on. Cleaning my surroundings as a whole helps to clean my mind and at times if need be my heart. Though, while I’m cleaning I listen to music. Music is what keeps me going. I wake up every morning and praise my God while prepping for the day and I listen to music while I move about campus. Music is my force here on earth. If there where no rhythms, rhymes, hymns and harmonies I wouldn’t have taken my first step. The first song I ever sang was “Kiss by a Rose” by Seal after watching Batman Forever as Kid (yes I love Batman/BruceWayne). Oh and shopping but I can go without material things seriously. Music is my everything when I feel I have nothing.

Favorite musicians and artists

Tough one! Uhm my favorite musician would have to be Duke “The Duke Ellington” in a Sentimental Mood is one of the smoothest ballads I have ever heard in my life. Then there is Prince. Loooooveeee Prince. My favorite Prince song is “Adore”. Some of my favorite singers are Phyllis Hyman, Chaka Khan, Patti Labelle, etc. Though current day I really, really, really have a thing for Bruno Mars! I love a live band, a love with artists use covers/samples of older songs or even use more of a jazz feel to their music which leads me to my favorite Hip Hop band of all time A Tribe Called Quest. I literally can tell you within 7 seconds of a song if it’s hot or not. Seriously. I’m a huge Hip Hop critic because I firmly feel a personal relationship with it and it’s mine so I know whats good for it and not good. I know I’m a little anal about it but whatever. lol There are so many others but I can go no for days about “Pure” elements of Hip Hop but you’ll have to ask me.

How has music impacted your life

Music can make you laugh, cry, wanna dance, live more, hate more, spend more etc. You get the point. Music is a foundation for all things living. Sound is movement. One day stand still, outside, close your eyes and listen. Music is all around you. Where would you be without elements of sound? Boring as heck but, if that’s your life do you Boo Boo. As for me, I move with the sounds of my life. At the current moment God is my drummer. He starts my life and he keeps it going. School is my electric guitar that plays its own sound throughout my life but will help me get to where I want to go. My family is my saxophone always making things clear when I feel cluttered it breaks through every other sound to become dominant in the performance. Then I have myself as the performer that brings everything together.

Quote you live by

I looked up other peoples quotes but none where as good as my own.

“I’ve never done anything not worth doing again and I’ve never said anything not worth saying again because these are my experiences and I would not change them for anything.” – Marshida Harris

Social Media / Website

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Twitter – @BlackRoyalty92

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