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This week’s Stereo Assault Girl goes to Stereo Assault’s own Alexy Irving of Webster University.

Photos Courtesy of Leo Q. Davis

Who is Alexy Irving?

I am the ultimate people person. I love being around people, talking to people and listening to people talk about their lives and hardships. Im also one of the most difficult person to deal with because I’m so different and opinionated. Regardless though, friends would say I’m loved because I’m outgoing, creative, and my future is something they want to be apart of.

College / Major / Year

I am currently a Junior attending Webster University studying Advertising and Marketing Communications with a certificate in Magazine Design.

What makes Alexy unique?

My past is what makes me unique. It also makes me who I am an will continually strive to be better. My past has made me not afraid to stand out. Once upon a time in my younger days, standing out was what I feared the most. It was that difference that kept me alienated from everybody around me. Once I realized everybody loved who I actually was I realized being different is not all that bad when you know exactly who you are and im proud to say I know exactly who I am because of my rocky past. A past that nobody else has lived in its exactness, and thats what makes me as unique as they come.

What are you hobbies and pastimes?

I do a lot of thinking in my pastime. I think about what could have been an what would have been if I was in different positions in my life. Im happy where my life is turning out an enjoy writing about different aspects of it. I write opinion pieces a lot and also music reviews for a few blog sites. Music is also something I enjoy in my pastime. From the artists I hang out with to the only way I can study, music is a big part of my life.

Other things I do are designing advertisements for different organizations around my school, tutoring students in areas I can spare some advice on, sending out good vibes as a radio personality for Stereo assault, attending every live concert physically possible and reading every magazine I can get my hands on. I love magazines, they’re the best of all worlds, photography, graphic designs, layout and copy.

Daily Inspiration

My daily inspiration would have to be everybody that is comfortable in their own skin. If you’re reading this and wondering what that means, it means to be yourself. People like my father, Rupaul, Tyra Banks, Tim Burton and anybody else that has a flaw but chooses to embrace it instead of letting it bring you down, I’m inspired by.

Favorite hip-hop artists and why

I have quite a few favorite hip hop artist, if we go into the reasonings behind my favorite indie artist and other underground rappers, we’d be here all day, but i’ll spare you.

My top artist that I’ve been rocking with since day one is Kid Cudi. Kid Cudi just gives a “I don’t care what everybody else is doing, I’m gonna do me” vibe and I absolutely love it. Blame it on the hipster in me!

Aside from main stream, I have a plethora amount of artist I spend time with an know personally thriving in the St. Louis area. A few would be the whole MME collective, Bo Dean with Tri.Atomic, J’ Demul, Thelonious Kryptonite, Darris Robins and Illphonics.

Dreams and Aspirations

My dreams are not just for me, my dreams are for every individual ever suffering from not being able to be themselves to finally take the time, look in the mirror, and fall in love with their reflection. After college I plan on pursuing a career to promote uniqueness and self love. The plans are already on paper, just waiting on the degree to say I can make it happen. Be on the lookout for my one of a kind project.

Quote you live by

Tim Burton’s remarkable mouth once said “Let people be who they are.” This was single handedly the most powerful quote i’ve ever heard from somebody. Its significant because its a reminder to never change for anybody, and if you do, make sure its exactly what you want to do, never for anybody else.

Final Thoughts

I just want everybody to love themselves. Believe me, the hardest thing is waking up and wishing you were somebody else. I dont want anybody to ever go through that again, so learn to love that perfect, unique face in your mirror. Regardless of what others say, you are beautiful, and you can hit me up if you ever doubt such a fact.

Social Media

Twitter & Instagram – @Lexy_SoCute

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