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This month’s Stereo Assault Girl goes to Sierra Hancock of Webster University.

Photos Courtesy of Leo Q. Davis

Who is Sierra Hancock?

Sierra Hancock is a Nashville native currently living the life of a St. Louisan through laughs, love and lots of free stuff (the zoo, museums, etc.). She is the second oldest of six siblings and the tallest at 5’10. Sierra has tried and loved many activities throughout her 19 years of life including dancing, acting, singing, piano, basketball and softball, but she decided to develop her passion for English and story telling into her lifestyle as a journalist.

College / Major / Year

I am a sophomore attending Webster University with a journalism major (focus on broadcast) and a Spanish minor.

What makes Sierra unique?

I am unique because I will do just about anything for the people I care about. I will try to make sure those people are happy, even if their happiness comes before my own.

What are your roles as a student leader at Webster University?

At Webster, I am a Student Ambassador which means I represent the university and the President’s office. I am also the Connection Leader Coordinator for the first year experience program which means I serve as a direct contact for new students to Webster as means of transitioning to the school. I am the president of the Society of Professional Journalists which is a club that provides communication for students in the journalism program with professionals in the area. I am also a member of WebsterLEADS which is a program that emphasizes leadership on and off campus such as student organizations and community service.

What are you hobbies and pastimes?

I love to laugh! So sitting down and watching a good comedy film or spending time searching through funny videos on Youtube is always a good time to me. I also love to see plays (specifically musicals) or be in them. You can always catch me singing or dancing around campus. Painting my nails when I have time and venturing out into St. Louis are also some of my favorite things to do. I run a blog for that I use to write about my experiences at different “tourist” locations in St. Louis. Other than that, I enjoy chilling with friends and making the best of every moment.

What motivates you to becoming a broadcast journalist?

English was my favorite subject growing up and I’ve always been a very inquisitive person so becoming a journalist seemed like it was almost meant to be. The broadcast aspect came into play due to my interest for being on camera and “performing”. I figured out my senior year of high school that my passion for English, story telling and performing could become a career with broadcast journalism and so I just went with it, and I love it!

Daily Inspiration

My daily inspiration is my loved ones. My goal is to make them proud, and I know each day I am given another chance to reach or exceed that goal. I look forward to bettering myself each day in order to represent my loved ones in the best way possible.

Favorite hip-hop artists and why

I would have to choose Nicki Minaj and 2 Chainz as some of my favorite hip-hop artists. Yes, some of their verses are controversial and I don’t agree with everything they say in their music but they had to fight for what they have and what they have is incredible. Nicki for one experienced some hardships growing up but she pushed through and pursued a music career and now she’s the top female hip-hop artist in the game. As for 2 Chainz, the man graduated from Alabama State University in four years with a 4.0 GPA and can write a hip-hop hit like it’s nothing. Another thing I most admire about the two is their uniqueness. They aren’t afraid to think outside of the box and be different.

Dreams and Aspirations

I’m not sure what this world has in store for me, but I would love to aspire to live a happy life. Whether I’m making millions of dollars or just enough to get by, I want to make sure that happiness is at the forefront of all of my decisions.

Quote you live by

With every move I make I like to keep this quote by author and keynote lecturer Denis Waitley in mind, “Expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised.” This quote keeps me grounded when dealing with different situations. I know that I need to look at all sides of every issue and not restrict myself to only think of one outcome.

Final Thoughts

I’m definitely an extremely optimistic person. There is rarely a day when you will see me that I do not have a smile on my face. Even if something did not go as planned I can usually pull out that silver lining and make the best of it. Life is too short to dwell on the bad. So find it in you to forgive. That includes forgiving others as well as yourself. And of course, keep smiling!

Social Media

Twitter: @sea_air_ugh

Sierra Hancock

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