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Posted By on February 17, 2014 @ 12:00 PM | Stereo Assault Features

Both coasts commonly refer to the heartland of our country, in a not-so-warmly manner, as “Flyover Country.” Those of us in the Midwest lack the warm, breezy beaches of Florida and California as well as the cultural and historical significance of New York and Massachusetts. Specifically for Saint Louis, our stigma centers around two opposing, yet equally demeaning generalizations: the land of high crime and uneducated hoosiers.

In an effort to combat the negative identity of our city, for 2014, I am creating a video series entitled Saint Louis Snippets, the purpose being to highlight and define Saint Louis culture. We are a city of strong entrepreneurial spirit, of do-it-yourselfers who take what is given and make special things happen. Our citizens have a strong conviction to each other, and as a community we rally together to support one another. Though these definitions aren’t always accurate, and we have plenty of problems as a large city, we still have a lot to celebrate together. Saint Louis Snippets will use the local hip-hop scene as a canvas to portray creativity, grit, and drive that other places around the country take for granted.

First up is Mir of MME, currently my favorite MC in the circuit. I refer to his style as trap art, blending street life lyricism with a conceptual plane of a higher purpose and existential vibrations that extend beyond the physical. To boot, he can rap his ass off. Featuring one of the coldest verses off of Finite, an oft overlooked track of AtM’s mixtape “A Night Like This“, this video is a play on words of corner — being both on and in — drawing a literal connection between being bad (go in the corner for a timeout) and being in the street (slanging narcotics on the corner). It also features several prominent Saint Louis landmarks to invoke a sense of art that is reflected in Mir’s rap poise, elevating him to something more than your typical street artist.

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As a videographer, Mike aims to capture the creativity of Saint Louisans and challenge conventional notions of traditional hip-hop culture.

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