Saint Louis Snippet: Mvstermind

Posted By on February 26, 2014 @ 1:00 PM | Stereo Assault Features

Continuing my video series entitled Saint Louis Snippets, which is an exclusive artist feature that takes Saint Louis’ best hip-hop verses and accompanies them with ambitious videos meant to promote local creatives, I recently crossed path’s with MME ringleader Mvstermind to complete a video for his verse featured on Tony Walker‘s Cupid’s Gun. Mvstermind’s engaging energy and nostalgic wordplay immediately drew me to this track, as he very accurately describes and represents the persistent struggles of a 20-something in a modern world.

To complement the verse with a video, I drew inspiration from Mvstermind’s fascination with youth and the dreary reality of adulthood that he oft references with his lyrics. In a direct nod to being a “product of the pavement”, Mvstermind and I headed out to Saint Louis’ own Cementland: an unfinished outdoor amusement park / art exhibit in North City housed in an abandoned cement production facility. To me, Cementland represents Saint Louis as a whole: the vision of the late Bob Cassilly (originator of the City Museum), a terribly creative man who lost his life on the property pursuing his ambition and realizing his talent. We, as a city, are unfinished, but possess great untapped potential, and must strive through hardship to create meaningful and satisfying things in our own lives through our own entrepreneurial spirit.

Mvstermind’s last album was entitled “Artistically Day Dreaming (A.D.D.)“, which is terribly apropos to his own nature of unfiltered, scatterbrained thoughts and dreaming. The video draws from this as well, operating scene-to-scene in an unapologetic and dreamlike manner without regard for fluidity or predetermined thought. The video also explores the concept of backwardness in several definitions: the severe wrongness in nature of being violent as an adult (represented with the rifle), and the longing desire to return to a childhood that lacks responsibilities, as children can turn simple playtime into grand adventures. I hope you enjoy.

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As a videographer, Mike aims to capture the creativity of Saint Louisans and challenge conventional notions of traditional hip-hop culture.

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