Saint Louis Snippet: J’Demul

Posted By on March 18, 2014 @ 12:00 PM | Stereo Assault Features

When contemplating the future of Saint Louis hip-hop and who will be the movers and shakers ushering in the post-millenial wave of music and culture, a name that should be in everyone’s mind is J’Demul. Barely eighteen years old, J’Demul possesses an incredible raw talent of delivery and vibe that many better seasoned area artists are still trying to find for themselves. Though comparisons to Joey Bada$$ are likely (and likely overstated), this Saint Louis native has a strong connection to his past that is evident in his music. Call it 90′s rap, boom bap, or throwback, whatever the terminology, it’s good, and it is the future of our scene, and thus well-deserving of a Saint Louis Snippet.

Ride is a classic s##t-talking track meant to demonstrate J’Demul’s lyrical prowess in addition to the effortlessness of his flow. In the video form of this, I wanted J’Demul to be very casual and nonchalant towards the camera, but also unflinching, ready to pounce at any moment, making him appear tough but uncaring. Some scenes feature a riff on the title of the track, with J’Demul literally riding along to the beat. Others feature a body double retracing his steps, a nod to his fascination to the past but also alluding to his promising future. A simple narrative ties everything together that begins and ends the video, which is a not-so-subtle commentary on the Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman tragedy. With J’Demul’s legal first name being Trevon, and his age being nearly identical as well, I thought it was appropriate to show that even promising futures can be cut short by unforeseen acts, and with J’Demul’s lyricism as of late taking on black identity, it makes sense to create parallels between the two in how majority culture views minority culture (often negatively).

So take a Ride with J’Demul, and be on the look out for his future projects this month.

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