Stereo Assault Girls Review

Posted By on June 02, 2014 @ 12:30 PM | Stereo Assault Girls (SAG)

Stereo Assault likes to highlight young women doing positive things in the community. We have featured four women as Stereo Assault Girls and we would like to present to you a review their profile features.

Stereo Assault Girls - Marshida H - 15September’s Stereo Assault Girl goes to “SincerelyBrenee‘s” Marshida Harris of University of Missouri-Columbia.


SAG - Alexy I - 15October’s Stereo Assault Girl goes to Stereo Assault’s own Alexy Irving of Webster University.

SAG - Tiffany K - 5December’s Stereo Assault Girl goes to Tiffany Kelly, owner of bridal boutique Savvy Silhouettes.

SAG – Sierra H – 9January’s Stereo Assault Girl goes to Sierra Hancock of Webster University.
As we review our past Stereo Assault Girls, be aware of our summer series of SAGs. If you want to nominate a young lady as a Stereo Assault Girl, email us at with the subject “SAG Nomination”.

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