Album Review: Coultrain – Side Effex of Make-Believe; divided for love’s sake

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Coultrain’s Fresh Selects debut album, Side Effex of Make-Believe; divided for love’s sake, continues the phenominual story of Seymour Liberty. Different than his effort on his last album Jungle Mumbo Jumbo, Coultrain digs deeper in his songwriting abilities to provide an album full of melancholy tunes of dark, misguided and estranged love. Side Effex still experiments with experimental jazz as it did on Jungle Mumbo Jumbo, but this album gives a better constructed vibe of experimental jazz and alternative R&B.

CoultrainThe six track album is produced entirely by his musical brethren Stoney Rock, the listener should feel more comfortable with the conservative experimentation on this project. The great thing about ‘Train’s songwriting and voice is that he can punch your soul and the music will replace your guts with somber but intriguing tunes full of deep, dark, and rotating love. Songs like “Kiss of Death” and “Let’s Pretend It’ll Last” embodies that statement.

If you struggle staying along with the story, the lyrics are provided in each song description but I highly recommend you enjoy the ride first before turning to read the poetry of the song. An under-appreciated skill of poetry and songwriting in today’s popular music leaves the imprint of Coultrain’s genius. The addition of background vocals by Dharma Jean and mixing of Jacob Detering does the album a great service.

Side Effex of Make-Believe; divided for love’s sake doesn’t disappoint and is a highly recommend album for those that appreciate the art of story telling.

Favorite Tracks: “Let’s Pretend It’ll Last”, “The Reintroduction”

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