10 Non-American Hip-Hop Acts Every American Should Listen To

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As Hip-Hop continues to grow globally, it also influences artists from all around the globe. Through production, delivery, cadence, Hip-Hop music made globally sounds unique and is just as entertaining then the Hip-Hop made in its motherland state. Take the time to get familiar with ten non-American Hip-Hop acts you should listen to.

1. @Peace

A favorite of ours at Stereo Assault, @Peace is a New Zealand group known for its last two releases, @Peace and the Plutonian Noise Symphony – music regarding metaphysics in relation to life, and Girl Songs – an EP constructed to glimpse into the different relationship issues from love lost to rough break-ups. The five-man band led by emcee Tom Scott (also of Homebrew Crew), has been able to top the charts on the New Zealand iTunes chart for their last two albums.

2. Jay Prince

London, UK emcee Jay Prince is a rising star in Europe and will shine in the U.S as he partners with Los Angeles based collective Soulection. His last LP, Mellow Vation, continues to attract to new listeners. Check his Soundcloud for his most recent singles off his upcoming EP, BeFor Our Time, which is due out January 19th.

3. Gas-Lab

A native of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Gas-Lab is a distinct nu-jazz/hip-hop composer known for his collaborations with Traum Diggs, Lyricson, Bocafloja and more. Gas-Lab has one of the best discographies of multi-instrumentalist music in the producer realm. His production style is similar towards Nicolay of The Foreign Exchange. Listen to his latest offering, Moods, via his Bandcamp.

4.Rich Kidd

The Toronto MC/Producer is a double threat with production credits for Drake, Busta Rhymes, Fashawn, k-os and one of the top Candianan emcees according to Canada’s CBC. In April 2013, Rich Kidd released his solo project, In My Opinion, to high acclaim with singles “SYKE”, “Can I Get A [Bom Bom], and “I’d Be Lying.” Rich Kidd also made rounds in 2013 when he submitted beats for Watch The Throne. Alongside, Tona and Adam Bomb, Rich Kidd is apart of the trio called Naturally Born Strangers.


Spycc (pronunced as Spike) is a Onehunga, New Zealand native that uses a variety of production styles with a delivery identical to an American emcee. Spycc doesn’t have much music out but his latest single, “Other Lover” featuring HIGH HØØPS, is a promising song that mixes disco-funk with Hip-Hop.

6. Stromae

French speaking Stromae of Brussels is one of the superstars in the European Hip-Hop market. One of the huge influences on his music is the absence of his father and can be found throughout his much of his music. If you don’t speak French, there will be a barrier but if you put that aside, Stromae is a recognizable name to get familiar with in the international Hip-Hop world.

7. David Dallas

David Dallas is one of the most notable New Zealand artist that has had his music licensed in NFL promotion videos, Madden 25, FIFA 14. Known for his collaborations with Gangsta Freddie Gibbs, David has a deal with Duck Down Music giving him an advantage over other non-American hip-hop acts when it comes to the know how to market to the U.S market. David Dallas has topped the charts of New Zealand music sales with each album and has won the 2010 New Zealand Music Award for Best Urban/Hip-Hop Album and 2012 Pacific Music Award for Best Male Artist. Take the time to listen to his albums The Rose Tint and Falling Into Place.

8. Phileas Flow

Phileas Flow is a Frence emcee that uses production similar to J. Dilla and Madlib. Phileas Flow has released three albums, all available on Bandcamp. Just like Stromae, he only speaks French so their is a language barrier. Regardless, the music feels good and if you translate the lyrics, you will be impressed with what you find yourself listening to.

9. Blayze

Blayze is MC/Producer from Johannesburg,South Africa by way of Zimbabwe that is known for his singles “Hammer” and “20 Gold Chains” featuring Bishop Lamont and Maggz. Only have released his debut album, Underdog, Blayze is one of the leading Hip-Hop artists from Africa.

10. Nicky Lars

Frenchman emcee and producer Nicky Lars is a Paris based emcee known for his social commentary and soulful beats. Essince of Royal Heir Ent. breaksdown why French speaking emcees do well over hip-hop instrumentals. Same is true for Nicky Lars. Check out his discography at Bandcamp.

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