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We got to the chance to chop it up with producer Mike Hurst. Known for his style of hard hitting beats with 808s, Mike Hurst of Des Moines, Iowa is a recent graduate of the University of Missouri – Columbia that has production credits with Gee Watts, Black Cobain, and Tre Pierre.

Name: Mike Hurst

Age: 23

What city are representing: Des Moines, Iowa

What artists and producers did you grow up listening to?:
Artist: Jay-z, Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, kanye west, Wiz Khalifa, Gucci Mane, Curren$y
Producers: Kanye West, Pharrell, Just Blaze

What was your first placement?
Gee Watts – Nasty

When did you realize that producing was what you wanted to do?
My Mom is from Louisville, KY and would let my sister and I go visit my aunt during our summers growing up I have a lot of family there. One summer I visited my cousins in Louisville, I was going into like the 7th or 8th grade. My older cousin (Rodney) was messing around with the program Fruity Loops making beats. I was always into the instrumentation of music. Once I saw he was into making beats I watched him, and when he would go do something else like go to sleep or play Halo or just leave the computer in general. Id get on the computer and try Fruity Loops myself. Before I went back to Des Moines I asked him if I could get a copy of Fruity Loops, once he gave me the program to use myself it was a wrap from there.

Favorite tracks you worked on?
A lot of Gee Watts stuff like Nasty, Nxggas Know, an the tracks I have on his new project Kansas City State of Mind. In addition to tracks I’ve done with Black Cobain (Wellin’ and No Buzz Intro)

Being a recent graduate of University of Missouri-Columbia (Mizzou), did going to college have any effect on your music career?

College was a great experience, the effect it had on my music career was allowing me to connect with people who knew other people who were into music. I got Gee Watts contact info from a girl I knew who knew his manager. I started sending Gee beats and the rest is history. Also, I got in touch with Black Cobain because of a friend I knew, his brother (Chuck Walton) was out in DC going to Howard he’s played a major part in me getting my music out. So college played a huge role in my career, I probably wouldn’t be where I am without it. Plus I got a degree out of it so its definitely a win win.

What independent artists would you like to work with?
King Louie, OG Maco, Shy Glizzy, Lil Bibby, Chance the Rapper

What do you think will make you a top-tier hip-hop producer in the near future?

My style of sound, a lot of my tracks rarely ever sound the same, you listen to some of Gee Watts stuff it doesn’t sound the same as the stuff I’ve done with Black Cobain. I pride myself on have a variety of sounds I never want to sound the same.

You have been busy with Gee Watts and the Hur$t Hitz tapes, do you have any upcoming releases or placements?

You’ll be seeing more of Gee Watts and I doing tracks together in 2015 for sure. I have a new instrumental mixtape coming in later this month no name yet but more tapes to come from me for sure. Also I have placements on Black Cobain’s No Buzz project due to come out in 2015. Also I’ve been working with an up and coming artist out of New Orleans by the name of Tre Pierre he just dropped his Mixtape Maniac 2 project I have a lot of production on there so look for more stuff produced by me on his next upcoming projects.

Goals for 2015:
More placements/ a major placement(s), more instrumental tapes, more exposure, just an overall increase in my music as a whole. An overall progression if my production. Also go to SXSW I’ve never been.

Thank You for Your Time. Do you have anything else on your mind you would like to say?:

I appreciate Stereo Assault for taking out their time to interview me as well as taking interest in my music it is truly a blessing. I hope for more interviews in the future. More Hur$t HitZ coming soon! Progression Direction Happiness Wealth (4 words I live by and want in my life every day)

Where Can They Reach You:

Follow me on Twitter (@MikeHurst_1word),  and SoundCloud.

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