Arshad Delivers the Goods with “Black Sunday”

Posted By on February 12, 2015 @ 2:13 PM | Album Reviews

At its worst, “Black Sunday” is an average hip-hop album. Without the courage to explore uncharted territory in the genre, Arshad Good‘s comfortableness in what he likes had the possibility of sinking this project, but the groove and vibe is undeniable and ultimately makes this 9-track effort successful. What Arshad lacks in originality is easily compensated by a dedication to quality hip-hop. The formula may be tried and true, but damn it if it’s not addictive and head-bobbing.

Earnest is Arshad’s best attribute as there is no posturing in his attitude nor approach. Though honesty and conscious rap are becoming borderline nauseating, “Black Sunday” is effortless in its approach, keeping the production and rhymes fresh without seeming tacky. Arshad lives through his music and forgets catering to a particular crowd or audience, generating a competitive advantage over rappers obsessed with fame that tailor their tracks to specific fans, squeezing the soul out of their sounds.

And soulfulness is the right take-away from Arshad and his music. Sometimes you don’t need to reinvent the wheel to produce something new. Even though the length of the album is short, there are still a few skippable songs that prevent it from becoming a classic. Nevertheless, Arshad Goods is onto something, and the local scene should take notice.

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