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Brown Bag All Star member The Audible Doctor got the chance to talk with Editor-in-Chief Julian. Known for creating some the dopest beats for your favorite artists, The Audible Doctor talks about his beginnings, placements, and being apart of the Brown Bag All Stars.

The Audible Doctor

Photo by Robert Adam Mayer

Name: The Audible Doctor

Age: 30

What city are representing: Brooklyn, NY

What artists and producers did you grow up listening to?:
I used to listen to a lot of different artists & genres of music. Hip-Hop wise my biggest influence early on as far as production was DJ Premier, hands down. As far as rapping – Nas, Outkast (primarily Andre) and Black Thought were definitely who influenced the most.

What was your first placement?
That’s hard to say because I had been doing a lot of records for myself and my group as well as local and independent artists for years before I got my first “big” placement. With all that said, the first placement that gave me a lot of attention as a producer was probably the track I did with Joell Ortiz (of Slaughterhouse) “Battle Cry” featuring Just Blaze. That track put a lot of new people onto me as a producer.

When did you realize that producing was what you wanted to do?:
I’ve always loved music from the time I was young. When I found hip hop, I started DJing and rapping around the same time, then I started producing shortly after. I never thought of producing as something I would end up doing I was always focused on the DJing and rapping, but producing came most naturally to me so that’s what took off first. I originally started producing just so me and my friends would have something to rap to, but the more I got into it the more I fell in love with it.

Favorite tracks you worked on?:
I have a lot but, Joell Ortiz ft. Just Blaze “Battle Cry”, Consequence ft. John Legend “Why Do I Even Go Home”, 50 Cent’s “This Is Murder Not Music”, Onyx’s “Belly Of The Beast” and Tragedy Khadafi’s “Each One, Teach One” are probably my top 5 though.

What are some of the benefits of being apart of the Brown Bag All Stars?:
It’s always important to surround yourself with talented people. Working with them as well as seeing what they’re doing solo wise is a big part of continuing to grow and getting better as an artist. It makes me work harder to make sure I’m not the weak link. It’s friendly competition but it acts as motivation and I think that’s important.

Are there any artists would you like to work with you haven’t had a chance to do with yet?:
Absolutely, there are a lot. My top 3 artists hip-hop wise are Black Thought, Pharoahe Monch and Andre 3000. I’m not that far from working with most of them it just hasn’t happened yet.

You did an amazing job with the Computer Era joint you did with Astro. What was the influence behind on making that beat and working with Astro?:
Thank you! When I make beats I usually don’t make them with anyone in particular in mind, I just start working and whatever happens happens. When I originally made that beat I was trying to get it to A$AP Nast. I talk to one of the A&Rs that works with the A$AP Mob and I was trying to pass that along. I had been talking to Astro for a while and I really like what he does so when he said he was trying to wrap up his project I thought it would fit him perfectly so I sent it through and it ended up being the first track on the album.

Last November, you released your last project, “Can’t Keep The People Waiting.” What are some of your upcoming releases or placements we should keep an eye out for?:
I always have a lot of projects in the works. The next thing from me is “The Spring Tape” EP which is the third in my four-part Seasons series. That will be dropping in March. Outside of that, I have a collab album with Archie Bang coming soon. As well as a collab album with The Brown Bag AllStars & Bumpy Knuckles that I produced most of, which is dropping later this year. As far as placements I have a lot of bigger placements in the works but you never really know what’s gonna fall through so I don’t wanna speak on any of those yet.

Goals for 2015:
My goal for 2015 is to make good music and make money. That’s about it. I also plan to do a lot more shows this year.

Thank You for Your Time. Do you have anything else on your mind you would like to say?:
Thank you! I appreciate the opportunity! If anyone wants to hear more music you can check out my site and you can always hit me on Twitter or Instagram @AudibleDoctor.

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