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This month’s Stereo Assault Girl goes to Mariah Conners of St. Louis Community College – Meramec.

Photos Courtesy of Leo Q. Davis

Who is Mariah Conners?

Mariah Conners is strong and observing. She loves to think out loud. She’s loving, hard expressing herself to others and is inspired by life. She’s aspiring, confident, loves doing things that people don’t think she can do and she’s un-expecting, she’s ME!

College / Major / Year

I attend St. Louis Community College – Meramec studying Fashion Marketing. I am expected to graduate in 2017.

What makes Mariah unique?

What makes me unique is that I do and I am the unexpected. The opposite of what people think of me.

What are you hobbies and pastimes?

My hobby is planning things or events in my head and making them come to life, because it shows me I can do anything I put my mind to. With hard work and faith, anything is possible.

Daily Inspiration

My daily inspiration is my grandfather’s words of wisdom when he was dying. He always told me I would be great and do great things. That’s one of the only things that pushes me.

Favorite hip-hop artists and why

I usually don’t have a favorite hip hop artist. It’s whatever my mood is really. New Hip-Hop or old school Hip-Hop , from Drake to Biggie. My mood decides everything occasionally. Lately, I’ve been bumping Meek Mill a lot. His passion and hunger let’s me feel every word he is saying

Dreams and Aspirations

My dreams are to own the #1 fashion store in the world. My dreams are not limited and I can go on and on (laughs) but I rather not. I aspire anyone that’s living there dreams or working hard to turn their dreams into reality, the risk takers.

Quote you live by

“Faith without works is dead” – James 2:14-26

Final Thoughts

Everything you do, do it well, it’s great to have knowledge or wisdom on different things , take in all you can

Where can people find you on social media

Instagram: @mariahthegreatest
Facebook: Mariah W. Conners

Mariah Conners

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