We truly appreciate all of our followers that visit the site and the artists and brands that are interested in advertising and being featured on the site. Below is a contact form for you to best reach us via email. Please follow the instructions below as it best helps us assist you.

If Submitting Music

  • Please select the subject title “Music Submission”.
  • If you choose to submit music, please leave a comment in the message box to signify whether the submission is a radio or blog submission. Also in the message form, please include your social media links, location of the artists and any other information pertaining to the release of that submission. When providing a music URL, please provide a streaming link (SoundCloud, YouTube, etc.). We will not check links that are uploaded on file sharing sites or mp3s. MP3s should only be provided at the request of Stereo Assault, LLC. 

If Inquring for Advertisements

  • Please select the subject title “Advertising”.
  • In the message box please specify what size advertisement you are interested in placing on our site. Our current advertisement options are 125×125 (sidebar), 728×90 (footer), background (fullpage), and our monthly sponsorship package. We also offer options for advertising design.
  • Please be specific about your project goals, demands and budget as we assist you in developing the best targeted advertising campaign possible.

If Inquring for Booking a Stereo Assault Artist

  • Please select the subject title “Booking”.
  • In the message box please specify which artist you are interested in booking, the date, city, venue and set duration. Please be specific when inquiring about booking so we can best assist you and keep the booking process fast.

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