Album Review: JP One – Fire & Brimstone II

Posted By on July 21, 2015 @ 11:16 AM | Album Reviews

“I deserve an encore, y’all should welcome me back…”

Those are the first words that you hear on the opening track “Encore”. This serves to be a fitting title and the perfect introduction to the second installment of JP One’s Fire & Brimstone mixtape series.

JP One, aka Jackpot The Chosen One, hails from Detroit, MI and grew up in Benton Harbor. JP One had a rough childhood, but throughout all the trials and tribulations, one thing that has remained the same is JP One himself.

There is no mistaking the passion that exudes in Fire & Brimstone II. “Livin Life” is a testament to life after being incarcerated. Even though he is passionate about the music, the business side is just as important, hence the line in the song, “I’m 90% business, 10% music.” He ended up starting his own record label and signed himself. There is no doubt that he is striving to become a household name in the music industry.

There is no sense of over-production on this mixtape. It is very consistent throughout. The features on the mixtape include Elzhi, Black Milk, Pierre Anthony, 3D, Guilty Simpson, LaToyua Hart, Jovie and Chel Strong. They definitely hold their own and provide more depth and perspective. The production allows the emcee’s to really be creative and to do what they do best. The overall vibe of the mixtape has a mellow and easygoing feel to it. You can kick back and really listen to what JP One is saying. Because he draws from his personal experiences, it comes across very relatable.

The opening bar in “Encore” gives people insight to the urgency that JP One presents in this mixtape. He is coming back with a vengeance and is ready to take the rap game by storm. His raw and authentic rhymes can very well put him on the same pedestal with some of the greats. It could also set him apart from the other emcee’s in a good way. Losing is not an option for this Detroit rapper. Considering all that he’s been through with being bounced around from foster home to foster home, losing his father from a drug overdose, being incarcerated for nine years and trying to live out his dream and becoming successful, he deserves an encore. And Fire & Brimstone II definitely deserves a listen.

Fire & Brimstone II drops July 27.

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