Interview: P.L Talks Inspiration, Ann Arbor, New Music & More

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We were able to catch up with Ann Arbor’s P.L to talk about some of the new things going on his career. P.L is most notably known for working with Grammy winning producers Needlz, and the J.U.S.T.I.C.E League and appearing on MTV & BET. As P.L ventures to the next stage of his career, we were able to talk with him about his upcoming plans and new music.

1) Where does the name PL represent?

PL stands for Punchlines. The kids in my neighborhood used to call me that because of my style of rap. I used to always use setup lines to end with funny or witty punchlines in my freestyles.

2) You have an interesting midwestern style of flow that works well for you. Which artist did you study that help influence your style?

I studied the greats. Biggie, Pac, Big L, Jay, Rakim, etc. I remember writing down Biggie lyrics and reciting them back while I listened to his songs on my uncles Karaoke machine.

3) What do you think separates PL’s music from everyone else?

I think my music is set aside from others because my influence is beyond music. I actually challenge myself to make the listener feel like I’m feeling at that time when I’m recording. I make mood music. Theme music, if you will.

4) What are some of the experiences you learned from and how do you grow and nurture the lessons learned?

On a music level, I’ve learned that nothing should be personal, except for the actual music making process. I’ve lost so many friends in this industry. Lost so much money and gained so many enemies too. I constantly tell myself to be patient and always stay prepared.

5) What’s the Ann Arbor scene like?

The Ann Arbor scene is pretty segregated. There’s the downtown area, which is mostly college oriented. Then you’ve got black areas on the North, East and West sides of Ann Arbor that are sort of fucked up. For the most part it’s a great city. The hip hop scene is up and down. I feel like the city won’t allow it to takeover, because businesses won’t let certain artists perform there. It’s crazy because a lot of artists just go to Detroit to get things moving. Which in turn, takes away from the local music scene.

6) What should we expect from this EP, “The Fighter”?

I think you can expect a few different, but aggressive styles. A new introduction to the movement that I’m preparing my fans with. I’m looking to get attention this time. No stopping. Just aggressive and consistent music. I’m really excited.

7) Now the Fighter is out, what’s next? Tour? Follow ups? What’s next?

A few more projects, singles and a tour after the album for sure. I wanna drop another project before this year is up and then an album at the top of the year. Or maybe one more tape before. I already have music ready though. So it won’t be a waiting game. Just a few decisions with my camp, and we’ll be ready.

8) Any last words or shout outs?

Shouts to Michigan. My fans and those who’ve been down since day 1. I won’t let you down!

You can follow PL socially on Twitter, and his official website.

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